How can I make my assertions smarter?

Magnus L. Hetland mlh at
Mon Nov 1 16:55:02 CET 1999

Stuart Hungerford <stuart.hungerford at> writes:

> Hi all,
> I'm using some simple functions to implement crude precondition,
> postcondition and invariant checking in Python classes.
> (Tim: please be gentle ;-)
> Is there some neat way to wrap these tests up so I can print any
> code expression that fails, e.g:
>      Precondition failed line 42: spoon.shape == 'bent'
> which would appear at line 42 of as
>      pre(spoon.shape == 'bent')

How about using (assuming that you won't use assert):

       pre("spoon.shape == 'bent'")

And then using eval() in your code? Like...

  def pre(condition):
      if not eval(condition):
          raise "Precondition Failure", condition

Pretty simple, IMO...


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