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Tue Nov 9 11:31:11 CET 1999

In article <3827514F.3A8F at>, Grant Griffin
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>One could take a cue from Octave here.  Octave provides Matlab-style
>plot commands which are simply wrappers to Gnuplot.  (However, Octave's
>reliance on Gnuplot creates a significant installation barrier in the
>Windows world.)
>Speaking as someone who is very new to Python, I am impressed by the
>variety of plotting schemes available for it, as well as somewhat
>bewildered by them.  From a new user's point of view, one would like to
>be handed "standards" (while still having choices).  Python's use of Tk
>is a good example of this balance relative to GUI.  I believe that the
>inclusion of some sort of high-quality, portable, easy-to-install,
>standardized plotting system would go a long way to helping Python
>invade Matlab's turf.  Perhaps one of the plotting systems currently
>available meet all these needs, if only it were given the blessing by
>being distributed with NumPy.
There are a lot of these available it's true, but few of them will print
well from win32. Fewer still will do decent 3d charts of any kind. If I
could just get to the ease of use of the graph tools embedded inside M$
tools I would be happy.
Robin Becker

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