A Modest Proposal -- <wink>

Magnus L. Hetland mlh at vier.idi.ntnu.no
Sat Nov 13 11:10:42 EST 1999

m.faassen at vet.uu.nl (Martijn Faassen) writes:

> Magnus L. Hetland <mlh at vier.idi.ntnu.no> wrote:
> > m.faassen at vet.uu.nl (Martijn Faassen) writes:
> >> 
> >> As you can see, XWTSNTSDL is fully consistent with your current proposals. 
> >> It is therefore expected the major internet browsers will soon be able to
> >> support these new standards.
> > It is not consistent with XML... It would have to be <wink/>....
> Ah, but XWTSNTSDL takes care of that, of course. :)
> It defines a XPPMS (eXtensible PreProcessor Macro System), which allows
> single <wink> tags. The XPPMS system transforms the source into valid XML.
> After that the other subsystems of XWTSNTSDL take over.

But - if you have XPPMS, why do you need XWTSNTSDL? You could just

   This is some text <wink>


   <wink>This is some text</wink>

and Bob's your uncle... Then you can use standard XML tools... :)

Or - does XWTSNTSDL include tools for deciding where the wink-section
starts, semantically?

> I-can-come-up-with-more-acronyms-than-you-can-with-objections-ly yours, 
> Martijn


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