Thomas Weholt thomas at
Wed Nov 24 11:21:29 EST 1999


Ok, so I`ve looked into zlib.crc32 and zlib.adler32. They seem easy
enough to use, but I thought crc-codes had characters and numbers in
them, not just a plain integer like the methods above return. ( As you
can see, I`m a complete ass on this subject, but don`t have time to do
the proper research myself, and was hoping for a "quick fix" ... )

A friend of mine mentioned that I should try SHA-1 instead, for more
accuracy. Can anybody give me an example on how to compute crc-codes,
using zlib or preferrably some more accurate method, for single files ??

If this is all it takes :

crc = module_name.crc_method(file)

and comparison is done like :

if (crc1 == crc2): print "Equal."
else : print "Different."

then all I need is the name of the most effective/accurate module to

If, for some strange reason, I should use one module instead of another,
that info would be interesting too.

I`ll stop bother you now and let you get back to work. ;->

Thomas Weholt

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