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Clemens Hintze c.hintze at
Sat Nov 27 10:50:55 CET 1999

You wrote:
    Your> Gareth McCaughan <Gareth.McCaughan at> writes:
    Your> > Markus Stenberg wrote:


    Your> > One quickly gets used to Lisp syntax. Like using
    Your> > indentation to denote block structure. :-) After a while,
    Your> > you just stop noticing all those parentheses.
    Your> This leads to a thought: would it be possible using lisp's
    Your> silly amount of flexibility to get the reader to
    Your> auto-paranthesize (word?  doubt it):
    Your> defun our-member (obj lst)
    Your>   if null lst
    Your>      nil
    Your>      if eql (car lst) obj
    Your> 	  lst
    Your> 	  our-member obj (car lst)

There are several tries to get rid of parentheses. One try is named
LOGO. Your example would be coded in LOGO like that:

to our-member :obj :lst
   ifElse nullp lst
     ifElse (first lst) == obj
       our-member obj (first lst)

Okay, I have to admit that indentation is not an issue here ;-)

    Your> indentation-as-structure-*will*-rule-the-world-ly y'rs
    Your> Michael

Dreams-are-allowed-ly y'rs

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