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Thu Nov 25 04:00:31 EST 1999

Aahz Maruch <aahz at> wrote:
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> Thomas Hamelryck <thamelry at> wrote:
>>Block delimitation by indenting. This makes python look like a porsche
>>with a caravan attached :-). As far as I know, most python users even
>>seem to like this for some reason.

> I agree with you and I'm also one of the people who likes it.  Here's
> why: it makes Python code *readable*.  In fact, I wish that Guido would
> disallow

>   if foo : bar()

> and force it to always be

>   if foo :
>     bar()

Agreed. The Zope sources are full of the former and that idiom doesn't help
me read them particularly.

Perhaps 1.6 could introduce this requirement, and some scripts to convert
existing code. The only use I can see for the former is to write nice
obfuscated one liners. :)


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