Bug? - win32pipe.popen2 is moody under W98

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Tue Nov 16 00:50:00 EST 1999

Eric Johnson wrote in message <80qkbv$2m5$1 at nntp5.atl.mindspring.net>...

>Can anyone say either way whether this can be expected to work under

Unfortunately it is not.  This is mentioned in the Python FAQ (including a
link to the MS KB article that documents the bug)

On the brighter side, Bill Tutt finally decided to work around this bug in
Windows 98.  It will be there in the next version of win32all.  In the
mean-time, I could probably send you the necessary updates...  However, it
will be pretty resource hungy - the solution (as documented by MS) is to
execute a "shim" exe - so each popen on Win95/98 will now have _3_ new
processes - this shim, command.com and the actual .exe you are trying to
run.  Win95/98 probably wont handle the strain too well, thereby giving you
a practical limit of just a few popen's running...


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