Win32api.... can it create a Windows shortcut (.lnk) file?

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There is a VB example:

      Option Explicit

      'NOTE: In Visual Basic 5.0, change Stkit432.dll in the following
      'statement to Vb5stkit.dll.

      Private Declare Function fCreateShellLink Lib "STKIT432.DLL" (ByVal _
       lpstrFolderName As String, ByVal lpstrLinkName As String, ByVal _
       lpstrLinkPath As String, ByVal lpstrLinkArgs As String) As Long

      Sub Command1_Click()

        Dim lReturn As Long

        'Add to Desktop
        lReturn = fCreateShellLink("..\..\Desktop", _
        "Shortcut to Calculator", "c:\Winnt\system32\calc.exe", "")

        'Add to Program Menu Group
        lReturn = fCreateShellLink("", "Shortcut to Calculator", _
        "c:\Winnt\system32\calc.exe", "")

        'Add to Startup Group

        'Note that on Windows NT, the shortcut will not actually appear
        'in the Startup group until your next reboot.
        lReturn = fCreateShellLink("\Startup", "Shortcut to Calculator", _
        "c:\Winnt\system32\calc.exe", "")

      End Sub

If you have NT 4, you should have Vb5stkit.dll already (I do, and I don't
have VB).
I think a better way with Python would be using the IShellLink COM
interface, but I have never used it.

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> I'm just trying to find an easy to create shortcuts on 
> Windows platforms
> through Python... it doesn't seem to be a simple matter 
> though.  I've gone
> through all the Win32 docs, and found nothing, and have 
> started writing
> (with limited success) a C function to do it.
> Is there an easy way?  q:]
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