Problems Building Python under Cygwin

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Fri Nov 5 12:57:07 EST 1999

salvadorej at wrote:

> I'm having some problems building Python under Cygwin on Windows
> NT 4.

> 2) the second problem I haven't solved. What I really wanted
> Python for was to build Zope from scratch. When I went to build
> Zope, it informed me that I needed not the "vanilla" version of
> Python, but Python compiled with thread support. OK. I go back,
> make clean, and try configure --with-threads. And partway through
> the make, I get this:
>  cd Modules ; make OPT="-g -O2" VERSION="1.5" \
>                 prefix="/usr/local" exec_prefix="/usr/local" all
>  gcc  -g -O2 -I./../Include -I.. -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -c
>  ./threadmodule.c ./threadmodule.c:38: #error "Error!  The rest
>  of Python is not compiled with thread support."
>  ./threadmodule.c:39: #error "Rerun configure, adding a
>  --with-thread
> option."
>  ./threadmodule.c:40: #error "Then run `make clean' followed by
>  `make'." make[1]: *** [threadmodule.o] Error 1 make: ***
>  [Modules] Error 2

Without looking into it too deeply, you've got 2 potential 
problems here. First is that (as of earlier this year, at least) 
you could do multithreaded with mingw32 but not with 

If that's been fixed, then possibly configure is not detecting 
things right. You could try editing the generated config.h and 
just #define WITH_THREAD.

- Gordon

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