build failure for SunOS 5.5

Thomas A. Bryan tbryan at
Tue Nov 9 04:02:07 CET 1999

Matija Exel wrote:
> hello,
> is there a way to build Python for SunOS 5.5? Here are my attempts
> on a SPARCstation20 platform:

Yes.  I built it at least once with no problems.  The box had a lot 
of other GNU tools available to it, but you definitely shouldn't be 
getting errors for symbols such as chown on SunOS 5.5.  I think that 
I built it with gcc, but I thought that Sun's cc was supposed to work.

Those sound like pretty severe messages in the configure.log.  Did 
./configure run to completion without error?  Can you tell which 
portion of the configure script generates the error messages?

You could always try a make clobber and start over.


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