Production Web Deployment?

Andrew M. Kuchling akuchlin at
Sat Nov 13 14:25:04 EST 1999

Paul Everitt <paul at> writes:
> FastCGI gives us a three-year-old Apache module, plus commercial and
> supported versions for Netscape and IIS (and Apache).  Additionally,
> FastCGI has support for TCP sockets in addition to domain sockets, which
> helps deal with file permission errors when configuring it.

Indeed.  For this reason I'm not planning to go farther with mod_pcgi;
it works as a proof-of-concept, but the FastCGI approach lets me^H^H us
benefit from the work of others and not have do all the work.  

>The major reason we ditched FastCGI and came up with PCGI in the first
>place (lack of threading in the library meant a person could telnet into
>your application and lock the app) is no longer pertinent with the new
>Zope2 architecture.  This has us hoping to get FastCGI back in as a

So, does this mean that if I use the FCGIPublisher, I can have
multiple threads in Zope at the same time, without having to run
ZServer?  Good news, if so...

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