Comparison between Python and "Ruby"

Bijan Parsia bparsia at
Wed Nov 3 23:26:56 EST 1999

Paul Prescod <paul at> wrote:

> Neel Krishnaswami wrote:
> > 
> > Python (and Ruby, for that matter) remind me more of Smalltalk than
> > anything else -- ie, they have extensive libraries, a community with a
> > love of elegance but not of purity[*], and a greater focus on practical
> > applications than on academic research.
> Isn't the Smalltalk community pretty enamored of purity? I mean "if" is
> an object that takes messages, right?
>  Paul Prescod

Close. Boolean's are objects which take the messages ifTrue:, ifFalse:,
ifTrue:ifFalse:, ifFalse:ifTrue:, whileTrue:, etc.

All control structures are messages (typically taking blocks--aka
anonymous functions arguments):

        4 timesRepeat: [self beep]. "This is a message to an Integer."
        #(1 2 3) do: [:item | Transcript cr; show: item printString].
"do: is sent to the array (the sharp parens is the literal). The block
has one parameter, internally know as 'item'). The semi-colon means to
send the next message to the same object, i.e., Transcript. Thus
Transcript gets two messages, cr and show:."


The only non-message type thing I can think of off-hand is the
assignment operator. Well, and the cascade.

Bijan Parsia.

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