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Thu Nov 4 23:20:19 CET 1999

In article <002d01bf270e$238223a0$0501a8c0 at bobcat>, Mark Hammond
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>[Andy writes:]
>> I haven't done any benchmarking myself, but when I installed VB6 I
>> didn't exactly leap off my seat at the speed increase.
>And more to the point, VB was (and is), usually, "fast enough".  Who
>does huge matrix manipulation etc in VB anyway?  Lots of the focus the
>industry has on speed is a red herring IMO.
>Just like Python itself - really quite "slow" compared to these
>natively compiled languages - but in the entire time I have used it, I
>have had to use the profiler exactly twice.  In every other case, it
>has been more than "fast enough" (and the development speed far
>outweighs the difference anyway).
I did huge matrix multiplications etc. When it came to VBA 64kbytes was
the old limit in terms of easy passing to dlls. Has it gone up?
Robin Becker

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