Python company worth $100M

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Nov 10 13:03:58 CET 1999

Paul Everitt <paul at> wrote:
> Nice guys _don't_ finish last, it seems.  Congrats to Scott and Sam, and
> yippee for us, because this is good news!

here's another interesting story:

    " Inc. is a rare breed of Silicon Valley
    start-up. The CEO of the nine-month-old firm says his
    company will actually be making money before it goes
    public, which could happen as early as next year."

    "I'd certainly buy the stock when they go public," says
    Darcy Fowkes, an analyst with the Aberdeen Group /.../
    They have exactly the things Wall Street looks for."

and if you look at the technical credits page, what do you

asynclib again, of course ;-)


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