__str__ vs. __repr__

Mikael Olofsson mikael at isy.liu.se
Fri Nov 5 04:31:03 EST 1999

On 05-Nov-99 Thomas Wouters wrote:
 >  We're too busy bitching about the idiocy of people who expect to change
 >  a country's (usually) ancient currency, habits and not to mention every
 >  keyboard, font and accountancy software in the world in a matter of years.
 >  Or perhaps we just dont _care_ about the euro symbol. Your Euro symbol, by
 >  the way, Tim, ended up as '?' in my font -- but possibly because isprint()
 >  returned 0 and my mail-reader therefor refused to print it ;)

Actually, many European currecies are not more than approximately 100
years old, and so are many of the countries as well. That's not so
ancient to me. But it's true; many of us don't care.


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