whitespace.py module

Skip Montanaro skip at mojam.com
Wed Nov 24 20:10:25 CET 1999

    Rajesh> I'm new to the python language, and the newsgroup. So, if this
    Rajesh> newsgroup is not appropriate for this type of posting, please
    Rajesh> pardon my ignorance and notify me.

Perfectly appropriate.

    Rajesh> I have written up a module called `whitespace.py' available at
    Rajesh> <URL:http://www.dsmit.com/python/>

    Rajesh> and a sample program `whitespace' which uses this module, also available at
    Rajesh> the same URL.

Have you checked out tabnanny in Tools/scripts/tabnanny.py of the Python
distribution?  A merging of interests might be useful.  I suspect the two
scripts detect similar problems.

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