Installing NumPy in a non-standard place...

David Ascher da at
Fri Nov 26 19:28:34 CET 1999

On 26 Nov 1999, Magnus L. Hetland wrote:

> Installing Python is a dream - but NumPy seems to be a bit stubborn...
> How can I tell it where I want to install it? I have copied
> from my python installation, but still it wants to
> install it in a standard location (that I don't have access to,
> because I don't have root access on the machine)... Should I just copy
> all the files manually? Am I missing something? (Couldn't see anything
> in the installation instructions...)

Take and add early:

import sys
sys.exec_prefix = '/wher/ever'

The long-term strategy has to be to get distutils-sig to replace the tools
we built for NumPy.


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