Integrate Phyton in a (Delphi) App ....

Andreas Koch akoch at
Tue Nov 16 14:11:02 CET 1999

Hi , i plan writing a huge app , in Delphi (Win95).
It will have lots of classes for the various game
objects , and i currently think about writing this
class tree in Phython , to allow users changing it
and adding new stuff.

(for short , i call the delphi app winapp )

So :
1-How much work is it to integrate Phyton into a win app ?
  The app will hold the complete framework for user
  interface , movement , graphics , the phyton classes need to
  call and be called by my procedures
2-How fast is Phyton ? Speed is essential , i will have 
  at least 100 objects per frame that need to be called and
  (usually) call my winapps "drawtile" function.
3-Is it possible to restrict certain program parts
  from using certain code parts ? For example , don't
  allow while-loops in a user definable module ?
4-Is it possible for my winapp to execute some of
  the phyton scripts in single step mode ?
							thanks , Andreas

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