How I got Python to Work with IIS 4.0 on NT

Jeremy Misavage tekhir at
Wed Nov 17 03:56:33 CET 1999

The instructions I found on didn't work for me totally.  IIS knew I
had .py as a script type, but it wouldn't execute them correctly.  However, I
did get it to work and this is how:

1. In the Management Console select your web site
2. Pull up Properties (I had to right click)
3. Go to the Home directory tab
4. Click configure
5. Select the App Mappings tab

This is where you say that .py files are handled by "c:\Program
Files\Python\python.exe" (by default)

"c:\Program Files\Python\python.exe" -u %s %s

I've also been told to put "" around the %s sometime.  Like so:

"%s" "%s"

MS Personal Web Server however doesn't have a Management Console so registry
hacking is the only way to get it to work.

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