SMTP - again ;)

Cove Schneider x at
Sun Nov 28 00:57:32 CET 1999

Ulf Engstrøm <b2blink at> wrote:
> I've gotten my prog to work now, only have some problems with our 
> server/firewall, but that's hardly an issue.

> Anyway, something else came up, when I enter a name in the header:
> "To: Ulf Engstrøm" the mail gets to the dest as:

> To: Ulf.Engstrøm at if I use as outgoing server, 
> eventhough the address is completely different...and the add before @ is not 
> correct either, since it's the Real Name..
> Is there a way to get rid of that? In the To-field of the mail I just want 
> the name, not @anywhere...

Er.. Well, your most likely confusing your MTA because there's no address
in the To field. Though I suppose you could always do something like:

To: Foo Bar <>

and just use a blank address.. that shouldn't really pose any problems..


(at nbn dot com)

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