Tkinter: closing app with active messagebox

marten at marten at
Fri Nov 26 06:18:51 EST 1999


Im writing a small script that asks the user for some input and checks
it from a mysql server. If the user doesn't respond the app should
close after a  timeout period. Normally this works fine, but if there
is an active messagebox (tkMessageBox.showinfo), the app won't close
until the OK button in the messagebox is clicked.

My question is: How do I force an active messagebox to close? Can this
be done with the standard dialog boxes in tkMessageBox or do I have to
write my own dialog boxes?

Any help appreciated


Marten Hedman			Marten.Hedman at
Turku Centre for Biotechnology
Abo Academy University & Turku University
Turku, Finland

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