PIL 1.0 on win32?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Mon Nov 15 13:04:24 CET 1999

Arpad Kiss wrote:
> I have a PIL based Zope product I have been developing on a Linux box. I
> just wanted to test it on a Windows NT(sp5), but it doesn't work.:-(
> At first it didn't recognize my fonts, because the readline method on win32
> returns 10+13 at the end of the lines and in ImageFont.py only \n is
> checked.

PIL opens the font files in binary mode, so this
shouldn't be a problem.  you probably messed
something up when you transferred the font
files to the PC...

> After I  solved it I got an error message(memory error in line 151 of
> ImageDraw.py) when I wanted to draw some text.
> When I commented out the text drawing code in my program, then I got back a
> picture, but it is mirrored!

this sounds really weird -- but at least the
memory error might be due to bogus font data...

what win32 build do you use?  can you post some

> Of course on linux box my program works fine.
> I just want know who else use PIL 1.0 on win32 and what experiences they
> have. Should this text drawing function work? Is it my fault?

fwiw, PIL is being developed on win32...


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