Numeric module under IRIX 6.5

Marc POINOT poinot at
Thu Nov 25 09:28:38 CET 1999

Stephen J King wrote:
> I've downloaded LLNL Numeric module and compiled it for IRIX 6.5 (using
> -n32 flag), but when importing the module to Python, it dumps core |=(
> Has anyone encountered/solved this problem?
> Thanks
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We are using the LLNL module(s) on IRIX 6.5,
either with ABI mode -n32 or -64.
We met some problems with the Fortran calls we had in our
application, some of the Numeric object files were hidding
the native fortran library. We removed the f2c_lite.o object
file from the library we were using. This now works... perfectly.

Marcvs [alias Hop! Zizelp...]

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