Beginning programming with Python [my last comment]

Nemeth Miklos nemeth at
Wed Nov 17 11:46:08 CET 1999

Thank you for all remarks, opinions about the topic. All replies helped me a
lot on my way to the Python World.
Yesterday night I had a determining experience. I was evaluating Fnorb (a
Python CORBA ORB implementation) and it worked perfectly, without a hitch
with my quite complex CORBA server written in C++ based on ORBacus. And even
more, writing CORBA applications in Python is extremelly simple and easy to
read, much easier than in Java or C++. This is a testimonial that CORBA
programming with Python is a joy. The CORBA support of Python is of a top
priority in my case, because the telecom corporation I work for decided CORBA
as the standard enterprise platform (aka bus).
I evaluated Perl, Tcl, and PHP but neither of them has acceptable CORBA
support (ie. extension modules).

Miklos Nemeth

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