commas vs. spaces. vs. the legions of new lines

John W. Baxter jwbaxter at
Mon Nov 1 05:55:26 CET 1999

In article <7vj35t$8p1$1 at>, G. Lewis <lemiss at> wrote:

> People claiming the use of spaces in numbers
> is heretical and perhaps not even a valid form of artistic expression
> (if not scientific) (at least someone stuck up for the honour of our
> hapless poster over this practice---after all, spaces are a metric
> thing, are they not?

Hmmm...don't say all those bad things about spaces in France (where one
would write  12 345,67 in the place a US person would write 12,345.67). 
Or Sweden or Norway for Finland.  And then there is the Spanish or Flemish
12.346,67 (which doesn't have spaces, but doesn't use , and . in the
"right" places).  Sigh.

   --John (quickly setting his "Numbers" control panel back to US)

John W. Baxter   Port Ludlow, WA USA  jwb at

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