Win32: CreateProcess wsetup program problem

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Fri Nov 12 01:33:32 CET 1999

I've also discoverd that winbatch's RunWait Function does not exhibit
this behavior.
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> I wrote a wrapper to CreateProcess that runs a program with args and
> waits until it ends. It works great for most programs (ie..calc,
> notepad, net, etc, etc, etc), but when I use it to run a setup.exe
> program (NAV 5.0 to be exact), the setup program starts and an exit
> value of 0 is returned to me, but the setup program just started. I
> figure that the setup program is doing something, then spawning
> process to do the install (a _SETUP.EXE..something or other) and
> detaching itself from that process, letting it just run on....
> Is there anyone out there who knows how I can pause until that other
> program (or whatever happens) is done?
> I am using the following code in a module called
> (BTW: If anyone would like to use this code, go ahead. I hope to write
> a bunch of helper functions and put them here, then post them someday)
> import win32api
> import win32security
> import win32process
> import pywintypes
> import win32con
> import win32event
> def RunWait(cmd, args=""):
>         pHandle, tHandle, pId, tId = win32process.CreateProcess
(cmd," "
> + args,None,None,0,0,None,None,win32process.STARTUPINFO())
>         win32event.WaitForSingleObject(pHandle,win32event.INFINITE)
>         exitCode = win32process.GetExitCodeProcess(pHandle)
>         win32api.CloseHandle(pHandle)
>         win32api.CloseHandle(tHandle)
>         return exitCode
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