Alright, I give up...chalk this one up to experience...

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Tue Nov 16 13:57:10 CET 1999


Maybe date is waiting for your new date setting, but why don't you use 
time instead of it:

import time
print time.ctime(time.time())
print time.localtime(time.time())

Arpad Kiss

Endgamer <endgamer71 at> wrote in message 
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> Alright, I finally give up. I've been bashing at this bloody idea all
> week...maybe I'm incredibly stupid (probably), but I can't see why,
> when I run this as a script from Windows 95, it doesn't return the
> current date setting on my machine. Could somebody put me out of my
> misery? I promise I'll stop bothering you <g>.
> -------------------------------------------------------
> # Date setting program (chunk 1)
> import os
> olddate=os.popen("date",'r')
> olddate=readdate
> print olddate
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Endgamer
> Spider Warrior

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