Memory not being released?

Antti Kuntsi kuntsi at
Tue Nov 16 11:10:07 CET 1999

Gordon McMillan <gmcm at> sepusti:
> Steve Tregidgo writes:
> > I have a process (goes up to 250+ MB, cue lots of virtual memory
> > usage and hence slowdown), which busies the server so much that
> > it just can't bring itself to do other things -- in other words
> > it's severely impractical.
> That's a pretty good sign that you have circular references that 
> are keeping objects alive. Check out Cyclops from 

I had similar problem just a while ago, and Cyclops helped a lot. But it
didn't solve the whole problem, as it was not python's fault, but a
Linux library glibc was functioning improperly. If you are running RedHat 6.0
and/or have glibc version 2.1.1, you should upgrade asap. Upgrading to
2.1.2 the bloating dissappeared and everything has worked nicely ever

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