Order of keyword arguments

Jeff jam at quark.emich.edu
Sun Nov 21 17:48:27 CET 1999

On Sun, Nov 21, 1999 at 10:28:18AM -0500, Andres Corrada wrote:
> I want to have my cake and eat it too! I thought this would be a way of
> keeping the flexibity of keyword arguments but also pass information
> along on how the calling function wants the items returned. For example,
> an HTML form could be called with a variable number of input tags and
> you want to render the HTML in the same order that they were used to
> call the function.

hmmm.. well, you can't do it that way ;)

you can write your function such that the order in which the arguments are
processed is static (using kw.items() and a series of if..then statements in
some specific order) in order to get this done, but I don't see the
advantage to 'knowing' the order that the keywords were used by the calling

I have used something like this:

def foo(**kw):
 for k,v in kw.items():
  if k == "bar":
   print "bar keyword value:",v
  elif k == "baz":
   print "baz keyword value:", v

in code that was building arguments to pass to ipchains, and it seems to
work OK. does that help?

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