Embedding and threads

Thomas Heller thomas.heller at ion-tof.com
Thu Nov 4 12:56:36 CET 1999

> This is a huge source of confusion, and I cant remember the rules any
> more.
> For working code, see the "CEnterLeavePython" class defined in the
> pywintypes module (I can send you the source if you dont have them
> handy).

Yes, that would be nice.

> For a long and protracted discussion about this and much more, see the
> thread-sig archives from around 12 months ago - this was discussed in
> so much detail it made my nose bleed :-)

I have browsed over this. However, I did not find a final solution
in it and I was hoping for a more clear answer.

> Mark.


Thomas Heller

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