Doing network traffic in the 'background' from Tkinter app??

Randall Hopper aa8vb at
Mon Nov 1 11:47:16 EST 1999

Andrew Markebo:
 |/ Randall Hopper <aa8vb at> wrote:
 || [...] 
 || I can't tell exactly what you're doing from your description, but check
 || out Tk's fileevent callback:
 |Bingo, Thanx!
 |Basically what I want is to give the user the possibilty to mess
 |around with my application while it fetches data from THE internet(TM)
 |Darn, it seems to be Unix only... fungus.. I would like my application
 |to run on windows also..

No first-hand experience mind you, but Tcl newsgroup postings seem to
indicate it works on at least some species of MSWindows:[S0=902331011915dac,ST_rn=ps]/getdoc.xp?AN=519666679

 |I know that there was a bug in Tcl/Tk's fileevent command for Windows in
 |all releases before 8.1.[S0=902331011915dac,ST_rn=ps]/getdoc.xp?AN=503202540

 |Fileevent behavior on Windows is best with the Tcl 8.2 beta, I belive,
 |but workable with wish81.exe.


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