Minimal Python installation?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Nov 18 11:31:32 CET 1999

Svante Kleist <Svante.Kleist at> wrote:
> We intend to bundle Python with a product, but would like to avoid
> wasting more space than necessary. Is this a problem, license wise?
> I mean, is one supposed to pass the _whole_ 
> Python distribution only?

the license is pretty clear on this: "Permission to use, copy,
modify, and distribute this software and its documentation
for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted" etc.

according to,
some lawyers seem to think that "a, b, c, and d" means "a
or b or c or d, but not any other combination", but the
clarification on that page should be enough for your own
company lawyers (if they object, get a second opinion ;-)


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