FYI: Python company worth $100M

Paul Everitt paul at
Wed Nov 10 06:49:22 EST 1999

Next time someone claims that Python is time that
someone says nobody uses Python...

eGroups is merging with Onelist (a competitor), and each is valued
around a million bucks:,1449,7543,00.html

For those that don't know, eGroups is a community website.  At the
O'Reilly Conference, Scott Hassan (looonnngg time Python star) described
the technology they use.  It's a massive farm of machines with
applications all written in Python.  In fact, they bailed on sendmail,
then bailed on qmail, and rewrote their mail delivery system in Python. 
Scott also said that the big win came from Sam Rushing's asynch
architecture, part of which is now in the Python standard library.

Nice guys _don't_ finish last, it seems.  Congrats to Scott and Sam, and
yippee for us, because this is good news!


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