Audio Mixer for win32

Kevin Russell krussll at
Tue Nov 2 23:46:12 CET 1999

shdr wrote:

> I've been looking through all the python documentation I could find as well
> as hundreds of other resources for a way to change the audio mixer levels in
> python. I simply want to write a python script that would allow me to change
> the mixer volumes. On a similar note I would also like to be able to record
> from the mic or line-in inputs. If anyone has any experience or expertise to
> share with me it would be much appreciated.

I've never tried this, but one possibility would be to work through one of
the TCL extensions for sound -- I'm thinking specifically of Snack, but
there are probably others.  On the plus side, your results would be more
portable than if you manipulated the guts of Microsoft directly.  On the
down side, it involves interfacing with an inferior language. :-)

Python can do some interesting things to sounds once they're in memory
or a file, but for getting them there and sending them out again its abilities
are rahter -- um -- minimal.  It's kind of ironic, given that the very first
name on the list of "invaluable contributors" to SoX is a certain Dutch
guy named Guido...

Audio SIG, anyone?

-- Kevin

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