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Adrian Eyre a.eyre at
Mon Nov 1 04:34:16 EST 1999

>> win32ui: The frame does not exist

> Hmmm.  The debugger should run from all embedded apps, except Tkinter
> ones (and therefore except IDLE).

Does that include straight win32 (non-MFC) apps?

> This particular problem would appear to be a bug.  I have another
> debugger bug I need to track down, and hopefully I can also solve
> this.

Is it connected with this one, or is it completely different?

> Unfortunately, Tkinter and any other GUI system dont seem to like
> living together.  Eg, I have managed to use the debugger to debug a
> Python COM object when hosted in VB (which is quite a cool demo :-)
> but have never managed to get Tkinter apps working with it.  I would
> really like to, but the little I know about Tk makes it seem somewhat
> difficult.  A Tk expert willing to help me could solve this.

Well, I'm not too worried about the Tkinter thing. I'm only embedding
IDLE until I can get PythonWin's debugger running in my app. I'll give
it another go without Tkinter loaded.

> OTOH, the best stragegy for this is probably remote debugging - use a
> seperate process to perform the debugging.  This would also solve a
> few of the hairy "blocking" problems I need to deal with.  However,
> this doesnt appear trivial either :-(

I should imagine not. I suppose there is some sort of API under Windows
to allow this sort of thing (like the Visual C++ debugger does) but I
wouldn't have any idea where to start.


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