XPython (X11)

Rob Hodges s323140 at student.uq.edu.au
Sun Nov 28 16:26:30 CET 1999

bernhard at alpha1.csd.uwm.edu (Bernhard Reiter) writes:

> >Hey! Don't forget PyQt and PyKDE (and PyQt seems to be
> >working under Windows, too, nowadays)...
> Do you have to but the Troll Kit first? >:)
> And I didn't mention pyGNOME, why should I mention to PyKDE?
> To create an application tied to KDE or GNOME is a mistake in my
> eyes anyway. <wink>

I'm struggling a bit to understand why you say that in this context.
I can't speak for pyKDE (although I imagine the situation is the
same), but developing with pyGnome doesn't imply a 'tying' to Gnome;
only that the Gnome libs must be available in addition to the GTK libs
-- just as you must have wxwin in addition to GTK to run wxpython
apps.  One advantage of PyGnome over straight PyGtk is that it offers
the Gnome Canvas widget, which can be useful whether the user is
running Gnome or not.

There is also no harm in taking advantage of the various services
provided by these desktop environments to improve the user's
experience, provided that your app also works nicely without them;
that's what Gnome and KDE are all about, after all.  If you do this
stuff and your app *doesn't* work nicely outside, I agree you've made
a mistake -- but in your implementation; not in your choice of

And yeah, last I heard you had to buy the Troll Kit for PyQt under
Win32.  But I'm sure I wasn't hallucinating when someone on the PyGtk
list mentioned having ported PyGtk to Win32... has anybody tried out
the port?  I strongly prefer PyGtk over WxPython on Linux, so I'm
curious in case I should have to develop anything for Win in the
future (but, I guess, not curious enough to reboot :)


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