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Thu Nov 18 21:31:58 CET 1999

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>>As an aside, the other thing about Perl that I like is perldoc. As much as I
>>use lynx, it still sucks for searching the Python library reference. At some
>>point I'll write ``pythondoc'' to extract the parts I care about, but until
>>then I'll just keep kvetching.
>I don't have any problems using Lynx with the Python docs.

Reading is not so bad ... searching blows. As an example, I'm looking at the
page for the "re" module and want to see the argument list for "unpack" but
can't seem to remember if it's in "string" or "struct" or
Guido-only-knows-where. Lynx provides squat for this operation, so I wind up
manually traversing the HTML hierarchy until I find it. This is the itch
that I'll wind up scratching sooner or later.

traversing-the-doc-tree-ly y'rs,

Mitchell Morris

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