Proposal: Python Info Collective

T. Muddletyn T.Muddletyn at
Tue Nov 16 08:11:08 CET 1999

On Mon, 15 Nov 1999 12:55:58 -0800, Robin Dunn <robin at> wrote:
>Could it be moved to the Starship or perhaps to a machine at CNRI to be part

Thanks to Gordon McMillan's initiative I have heard that Christian is willing
to host Parnassus somewhere on the Starship. This may be a big help. However,
if possible, i'd like to stay where I am, as I've have my little vex shell for
quite a while and am comfortable and familiar with it. However due to various
concerns about load/bandwidth raised here, I am discussing these things with
the admin to see what he thinks of all this. 

(ps. congrats on the new wxPython release today. wxPython is great... I'm
hoping to build myself some tools---love that listctrl <wink>---using it
eventually if i ever can manage to get around to unravelling its mysteries.)


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