Production Web Deployment?

D'Arcy J.M. Cain darcy at
Mon Nov 8 06:17:22 EST 1999

Dirk Leas <dirkl at> wrote:
> I've read numerous threads regarding how to deploy Python on the web and
> there appears to be no real consensus on what actually performs/scales well
> (about 3M hits/month). Is anybody taking lots of hits with httpdapy,
> PyApache, ASP+Python, fastcgi, or Zope? I've got a customer who's
> development staff is struggling with the complexity of Java Servlets and
> they're already using a large 3rd party, vertical Python application (and
> several folks already use Python). Peliminary testing showed plain CGI was
> just too slow...

I use PyApache and I am pretty sure it won't scale well once I get
more hits.  I'm thinking about using httpdapy or perhaps even writing
my own Apache module with my own application built in.  The important
thing for me is database access.  Every page in my application opens
the database and that's quite wasteful.  I need a persistent database
connection.  What you need is hard to tell without knowing exactly
what you are trying to do.

I wouldn't just toss out Java altogether.  There are certain client
side things that Java (and JavaScript) are better suited for.  Use
the Python on the server side to generate Java and JavaScript pages

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