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Fri Nov 12 19:07:49 CET 1999

Fred L. Drake, Jr. <fdrake at> wrote in message
news:14378.61648.633649.431232 at
| mehta at writes:
|  > I have noticed for the local docs of python in IE5 on winnt pages
|  > randomly donot get rendered but are left as raw html in browser as I go
|  > back and forth using browser buttons.  has any one experienced same
|   I have never seen this; if anyone can reproduce this and help
| isolate the cause I'd appreciate hearing about it.

Sorry, I've forgot to say that the bug does not bite the docs that come
packed for HTMLHelp.

Because they come from the same HTML sources, and because(*) internally both
HTMLHelp and IE use the same HTML parsing/rendering engine, I think that the
bug it's likely to be on the IE side.


(*) this is a guess, but I have little doubt about it.

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