Python 1.6 alpha 1 released

Robert Hicks rhicks at
Sat Apr 1 14:28:16 EST 2000

> James Logajan <JamesL at Lugoj.Com> wrote:
> The benefit/pain ratio for by this change is close to zero.

I am sure that this will be thorougly thought out before the official
of v1.6.

> Well then I hope it gets changed due to those polite requests. Hopefully
> that old extra code can be patched back in.

same answer as previous

 > now how come I find your "guido the god" argument to be
> directly offensive?
> Because it was meant to be. Glad to see it worked! The motivation for it
> because even though Bjorn directed his post to Guido, you and one or two
> others responded. Almost like high priests guarding the temple. Any reason
> Guido doesn't post to this newsgroup like he used to?

Why would you possibly want to offend someone, whoever they are, with a
attacking statement?

Why does it matter WHO gives the answers as long as the answer is well
thought out and
correct? I for one am hoping that Guido is working hard on the 1.6 release.
Mr. Lundh has
always actively participated in this newsgroup and I appreciate his time for
doing so.

I wonder if someone in the perl group ever said "Larry Wall the god" to make
anyone upset? If so, then Guido stands in good company.


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