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Tue Apr 4 07:14:07 CEST 2000

On Fri, 31 Mar 2000 09:23:47 +0200, 
 Christian Tanzer, in the persona of <tanzer at>,
 brought forth the following words...:

>"Russell E. Owen" <owen at> wrote:
>> I am starting work on a telescope remote control user interface. It's a 
>> big program with lots of windows and controls and display graphics 
>> supporting the telescope and numerous instruments.
>Nice project.
>> Python is a leading contender because I'd like a system that offers:
>> - rapid development/change/test
>> - robust
>> - safe (automatic garbage collection and bounds checking)
>> - runs under both unix and MacOS, if possible (windows wouldn't hurt, 
>>   either)
>> - will probably be around in 10 years
>IMHO, Python is a very good bet on all counts.
>> Any comments? If I do switch, is Python development or support notably 
>> superior under unix or windows -- aside from OS preferences? (Please no 
>> OS flame wars.)
>I'm developing on Linux while most of the production code runs on
>If you have free choice, Linux would be the better platform for
>controlling a telescope than either Mac or Win32. The observers
>wouldn't like to have to reboot in the middle of the night on a
>regular basis.

Not discourage you from writing the app yourself, but there is a 
linux Telescope control app at
certainly worth a look at least. I know nothing of the app itself, don't
know if it would fit the bill for you. 

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