The Simple Economics of Open Source

François Pinard pinard at
Wed Apr 26 17:17:40 CEST 2000

Albert Wagner <alwagner at> writes:

> An elegant algorithm can be as beautiful as a painting or a song.
> The truely creative desperately need to share their creations.

This is a bit like I feel :-).  Just introspecting myself a little, I would
say that my real initial motivation for sharing software was my mere way
to thank the community who gave so much good software to me.  It spared
me a lot of time, and I felt I should return part of this spared time to
the community.  It then became sort of an habit in the long run.

About why I feel like thanking people?  It's just that I've been educated
that way.  It's builtin, kind of hardware.  A factory defect! :-)

François Pinard

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