New Features in Python 1.6

Lloyd Zusman ljz at
Sun Apr 2 06:10:47 CEST 2000

wtanksle at (William Tanksley) writes:

> On Sun, 02 Apr 2000 02:39:54 GMT, Eric Hagemann wrote:
> >What are the options for users wanting 1.6 that may not have access to
> >
> >on a regular basis or at all.  I'd hate to be disconnected from the net and
> >find I need that
> >'one' function that used to be in the standard library ......... e.g. can I
> >down load the
> >entire library and forgo the net check ?  What happens if there is no net --
> >will the import function
> >get unhappy ?
> It's actually not a problem -- all modern OSes support TCP/IP even when
> you're disconnected from the net, and one particular address,,
> is always live.  This happens to be the site from which Python loads its
> modules (we have an agreement with the owner of that site, which also
> hosts many other products of the same nature, including some marketing
> apps).

Hey!  Wait a minute ... that's *my* site!  I never agreed to this!

Oh ... now I get it ... my cat went and signed another contract behind
my back.  You guys outbid me on catnip, didn't you?!

I've been having enough bandwidth problems lately ... and now thousands
of module downloads every day ... <sigh>

OK ... this is the last straw ... no more Mr. Nice Guy!  Here kitty
.. here kitty kitty kitty ... it's neutering time!

Well, I guess this isn't all that bad, because I can cut down on the
download bandwidth by compressing all those Python modules.  I'll use
the new compression algorithm I recently invented.  It's amazing!
.. it compresses *anything* down to one bit.

I'm still working on the de-compression algorithm, though ...

 Lloyd Zusman
 ljz at

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