Pythonware Website???? Gone on vacation with Starship? ;-))

Carey Evans c.evans at
Thu Apr 20 09:57:15 CEST 2000

akuchlin at (Andrew M. Kuchling) writes:

> First (down because an Ethernet cable got pulled out), then
> Starship (disk crash), now  Has someone released evil
> whitespace-eating nanobots that also attack computer hardware?

>From my perspective, the problem's obvious.

Debian is going to release version 2.2 sometime soon.  We've had most
of the usual symptoms (new version of XFree86 released, new version of
Apache released, even a new version of Perl); but we're still waiting
for the requisite disk crash on

Obviously when Guido announced that 1.6's release schedule was being
changed, he jinxed all the Python machines with the same problem
Debian has.

	 Carey Evans

		 "I can't believe it's not Cthulhu!"

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