setting up Tkinter

Paul Magwene paul.magwene at
Sun Apr 23 16:19:04 EDT 2000

Andy Mullen wrote:
> As i understand from the website (, this program doesn't run
> on windows 98. Since i was already thinking of putting linux on my machine
> under a partition of the HD, i was wondering if someone could point me in
> the right direction as to where to get linux online, how to go about
> install, and how to run the 2 separate OS's on one machine.  any response
> would be appreciated

If I read your email correctly, you're confused. Tk (and hence Tkinter)
DOES run on Windows (95/98,NT,2000, etc),various Unix and Unix-like
systems, and the Mac as well (though recent posts seem to indicate some
minor bugs in the current installer).  You don't need to install Linux
to work with Tkinter. 


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