Python/Perl Popularity (Re: A Mountain of Perl...)

Daniel Berlin+list.python dan at
Wed Apr 12 09:16:00 EDT 2000

>>>>> "tom" == tom 98 <tom__98 at> writes:

    tom> -- How can I browse the Python documentation without firing
    tom> up a web browser?
    >>  Convert it to text format. It's latex, you can make it into
    >> anything you want, and do anything you want with it.

    tom> Well, what I'm suggesting is that it might be a good idea to
    tom> make a command-line accessible version of the documentation,
    tom> together with a command line tool, available as part of the
    tom> standard distribution.
Sure, i'm all for it, and i'm sure it's being worked on.

    tom> -- Is there a Python equivalent of CPAN and the Perl CPAN
    tom> module?  The closest I know of is Parnassus.  But Parnassus
    tom> is merely a collection of links, not an archive, and it
    tom> doesn't have any facilities (AFAIK) for automatic
    tom> installation.
    >>  So, who gives a crap?  I try not to be that lazy.

    tom> So, you are saying that you basically agree: compiling and
    tom> installing modules is more work on Python, but that really
    tom> shouldn't matter because expecting to install modules quickly
    tom> is just laziness.  Well, I admit it, I'm lazy.
You'll have to excuse me, i have a problem with the CPAN module.
Namely, i have yet to install a single PERL module, and it claims
there are 203 installed modules with no parseable version number.
So there are 203 installed modules, which i didn't install, that it
can't tell me anything about.
That's not very helpful.

Whenever i try to upgrade any of my installed modules, they install
fine, yet the CPAN module never notices. I have to manually go and do
some cleanup before it notices the new versions.
It's more of an annoyance to me than anything else.

    tom> perldoc and the Perl CPAN module are really nice and well
    tom> done,
perldoc yes.
    tom> and as a user, I miss that functionality when I use
    tom> Python.
    tom>  Why not learn from Perl where they did something
    tom> good?
Because i don't feel they did it all that well.
    tom> This antagonism between the two camps, expressed in
    tom> your and other posts, just seems really silly to me as a user
    tom> of both languages.

You'll have to pardon me. I have PERL angst from trying to write an
HMM based Part of Speech tagger in PERL.

    tom> Tom.

    tom> Sent via Before you buy.  --

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