Good style for multi-valued returns

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Fri Apr 21 09:48:03 EDT 2000

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Michael Hudson  <mwh21 at> wrote:
>claird at (Cameron Laird) writes:
>> Let me guess:  folks generally pass tuples for small and
>> determinate-in-number multi-values, and dictionaries other-
>> wise, 'cept some do it all with tuples.  Accurate?
>I've always used tuples; I wouldn't have thought of something that
>returns a dictionary as return multiple values.
>Any reason for asking?
"Reason"?  You want a *reason*?  Well, sure, there
are plenty of those:  it's time for me to be more
of a producer than consumer (of methods); I've been
thinking about decomposition; I didn't notice any-
thing in Guido's style guide; I'm eager to learn
more; ...

Particular thanks to the three people who've already
gently written to remind me that what I really want
in the complex-and-big case is to return an *object*
(but why do you all call it a class?  To my ear,
it truly sounds like a confusion to say, "class",
rather than, "instance of a class").  I think I still
have special cases where I want to move dictionaries
around, but I'm learning that their proper domain is
much smaller than I used to believe.

Cameron Laird <claird at>

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