LAmbda calculus evaluator (interactive)

Andrew Cooke andrew at
Sat Apr 22 04:33:42 EDT 2000


Does anyone, by any chance, know of an interactive lambda fuinction
evaluator/editor?  Preferably in Python as that's a language I
understand that's common to both platforms I'd like to run this on.

I've found source to a simple evaluator on this ng, but am looking for
something that lets you single step, do abstractions as well as
reductions, step different evaluation strategies (lazy or by value etc).

This is just for untyped calculus (at the moment - I see that in a few
chapters more I might need something similar with types...).  I know
where I can get various (Oca)ML programs, but I'm not sure they're
interactive and for various reasons I don't want to install that
language at the moment.


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