Michael Hudson mwh21 at
Sat Apr 1 09:33:27 EST 2000

Well, it's April the first, so what better time than this to announce
the release of a new version of bytecodehacks?

Not all that much has changed in the code; a bug fix here and there.

* The mechanism for calculating the co_stacklevel attribute of code
  objects actually gets it right (at least in cases I have tested).

* xapply.xapply has gotten *much* cleverer, and much hairier.  It now
  supports such delights as keyword arguments, trimming the default
  argument list correctly, assignments to arguments and handling
  **-style arguments (but not *-style, yet).  It's approaching the
  point of being actually useful (scary!).

* there's the beginnings of a test suite.

Administrivia-wise, there's much more shaking up.

* bytecodehacks now live on sourceforge; start here to find the
  tarballs and updated docs.

  There's a mailing list, which I don't envision being very high

  but I invite anyone who's interested to join for banter about the
  internal structures of Python and how to (ab)use them.

* bytecodehacks now has a license, based on the deliberately liberal
  Python license; please read the file LICENSE for details.

* Documentation is now being distributed separately; a tarball of the
  HTML can be found on the project homepage.

As ever, all comments are welcome!


PS: I haven't sent this to python-announce, as that list appears to be
entirely dead.  News to the contrary will be gratefully accepted.

well, take it from an old hand: the only reason it would be easier
to program in C is that you can't easily express complex  problems
in C, so you don't.                 -- Erik Naggum, comp.lang.lisp

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